Hello Cloud Gaming World!

Pooya Eimandar
2 min readOct 28, 2019




It’s over a year now that we first launched Project PlayPod, the first cloud gaming platform in Middle East. Now, in its first anniversary and on the occasion of France Game Connection Event, we’ve launched the international version of cloud streaming on WolfEngine’s domain.

Written in C and C++, Wolf Engine is combined of various frameworks designed to improve and expand streaming platforms, games and rendering. It has been placed and developed on GitHub as an open source since 2016. In fact it is the improved version of Persian Game Engine that was developed and used by BaziPardaz since 2010.

Most parts of Wolf could be used as Open source under GPL and LGPL licenses, and some other libraries such as Wolf streaming is still developing as closed source. Wolf provides the framework of PlayPod’s real time streaming and we’ve decided to present this platform in Game Connection is experimentally and it is our hope that soon Wolf’s cloud streaming would be used as framework internationally.

With the help of Wolf, you will be able to create cloud streaming and gaming, something similar to Google Stadia ( it will be released in the following months) but with the big difference that Wolf is a technology that would boost your B2B2C business!

If you are looking for ways to use Wolf to expand your business and market, please be in touch through our website.

We want to generate a brighter future in game industry.



From WolfEngine go to cloud gaming section and just click on our sample games, please bear in mind that due to copy right, we could not add the latest games in our website however it’s important to note that it’s not a technical issue. Understandably, we have limited access to resources, so if you get “sorry, all game rooms are full!”, don’t go anywhere, please be patient and try again later.